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Hi Lash Lovers!

I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve probably read other blogs on the importance of keeping your lashes clean so I won’t go into too much detail. The simple fact is if you don’t you can cause infections, extensions to lose retention, natural lashes to fall off prematurely, or worse, permanently damage the growth of your lashes! There is all kinds of cleansers, brushes, methods out there but find one that you like and keep [...]

By |May 10th, 2018|


Just got my lashes done today for the first time ever and they look phenomenal! For those wondering who to go to, Claudette is honestly amazing at what she does. She takes her time on each lash and the outcome was beautiful! She’s been doing my aunts lashes for a while and they were so natural and beautiful that I just had to try loving my new lashes! Thanks again Claudette

Kaitlyn Meli

Claudette is a true artist and visionary. Her work is so tasteful and precise it’s unbelievable!! I have been with Claudette since she first started doing lashes 10 years ago (she was instantly a pro); Claudette is constantly educating herself on a regular basis which allows her to keep up with anything new and improved. Your eyelash health is very important to her and her superior care and high standards ensure that. The entire LASH PRO & BEAUTY BASICS experience is a class act! I wholeheartedly recommend Claudette; you will NOT be disappointed I promise!! After all, your eyes, are the windows to your soul, you deserve the absolute best!

Annette Robinson

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