Protector Keratin Panthenol

Protector Keratin and Panthenol

32.00 (0.2 Fl. Oz. / 6 ml)

WINNER Coating against moisture and impurities. An essential care product for natural lashes and eyelash extensions. Prevent moisture, pollution, oils and other impurities from damaging your lashes and eyelash extensions thanks to the keratin present in the protector! It also protects eyelashes from the effects of the sun, wind and water. The panthenol binding to the keratin strengthens the scales and preserves the extensions’ original curve.

• Protects against moisture and oily residues
• Protects from the effects of the sun, wind and water
• Preserves the extensions’ original curve and optimizes adhesion due to the panthenol
• Strengthens the scales, thanks to the panthenol

Apply a layer of protector each morning on clean eyelashes, before makeup, from root to tip.